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Top 10 Must-Attend Motorcycle Events for Black Bikers


Motorcycle events are a cornerstone of the biking community, offering riders a chance to connect, celebrate their passion, and share their unique culture. For Black bikers, these events are especially significant, providing spaces where they can honor their heritage, build camaraderie, and showcase their vibrant contributions to the motorcycle world. Here are ten must-attend motorcycle events that every Black biker should have on their radar.

1. National Bikers Roundup

The National Bikers Roundup is one of the largest and most anticipated gatherings of Black bikers in the United States. Founded in 1977, this annual event attracts thousands of riders from across the country. It features bike shows, drag races, live entertainment, and vendor booths. The Roundup is a celebration of Black biking culture, emphasizing unity and community spirit.

2. Kings of the South MC Annual Bike Fest

Held in Atlanta, Georgia, the Kings of the South MC Annual Bike Fest is known for its lively atmosphere and diverse activities. This event includes custom bike shows, sound competitions, and charity rides. It’s a perfect place for bikers to enjoy the Southern hospitality, connect with fellow riders, and experience the vibrant culture of Black motorcycling in the South.

3. Black Bikers Week (Atlantic Beach Bikefest)

Black Bikers Week, also known as Atlantic Beach Bikefest, takes place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, during Memorial Day weekend. This iconic event has been a staple in the Black biking community since the 1980s. With beach parties, concerts, and bike shows, it’s a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.

4. Urban Biker Jamboree

The Urban Biker Jamboree, held in Houston, Texas, is a premier event that celebrates the urban biking scene. This event includes a variety of activities such as stunt shows, live music, and a bike parade. It’s a fantastic opportunity for bikers to showcase their style and skills while enjoying the vibrant culture of Houston.

5. Black Tigers MC Annual Family Reunion

The Black Tigers Motorcycle Club hosts an annual family reunion that brings together bikers from various regions. This event focuses on family-friendly activities, including cookouts, games, and bike rides. It’s a unique opportunity to bond with fellow bikers and their families in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

6. National Bikers Conference

The National Bikers Conference is a significant event for those interested in the organizational and leadership aspects of Black motorcycle clubs. This conference offers workshops, panels, and networking opportunities. It’s a great platform for bikers to exchange ideas, learn from industry leaders, and strengthen their clubs.

7. Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club Annual Convention

Named after the historic Buffalo Soldiers, this club hosts an annual convention that honors the legacy of African American soldiers. The event includes a parade, charity rides, and historical tours. It’s a powerful reminder of the rich heritage and contributions of Black bikers to the broader motorcycle community.

8. East Coast Bikers Convention

The East Coast Bikers Convention is a dynamic event held in various cities along the East Coast. It features bike shows, races, and social gatherings. This convention is known for its inclusive atmosphere and the opportunity it provides for bikers to connect and celebrate their passion.

9. Midwest Bikers Fest

Midwest Bikers Fest, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a popular event that draws bikers from across the Midwest. This festival includes bike rallies, concerts, and vendor markets. It’s an excellent venue for bikers to explore the Midwest’s vibrant biking culture and meet like-minded enthusiasts.

10. Soulful Riders MC Annual Bash

The Soulful Riders Motorcycle Club hosts an annual bash that combines music, food, and biking activities. Held in various locations, this event is known for its festive atmosphere and community spirit. It’s a wonderful occasion for bikers to enjoy soulful music, delicious cuisine, and the company of fellow riders.


These ten events are more than just gatherings; they are celebrations of culture, community, and the shared love of motorcycling. For Black bikers, attending these events is a chance to connect with others who share their passion, honor their heritage, and make lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the scene, these must-attend events offer something for everyone, ensuring that the spirit of Black motorcycling continues to thrive.


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