Gadget Ogling: No Cap, If You Don’t Have These, You’re a Total Noob: Must-Have Motorcycle Gear!


Hey there, fellow riders! We know some of you might be skeptical about motorcycle gadgets. After all, in those classic biker flicks, you never saw anyone rocking high-tech gear. But let’s be real – if Marlon Brando had access to today’s tech, he’d totally be on board!

Lucky for us, times have changed. Today’s motorcycle gadgets are not just cool but super useful, enhancing our riding experience with added safety, comfort, and fun. So, what are the top must-have gadgets for motorcycle riders in 2024? We’ve rounded up the eight best ones you’ll want to check out.

1. EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Riding can get pretty loud, with ICE motorcycles reaching up to 115 dB. Even electric bikes have their noisy moments. Enter EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs. These bad boys filter out wind and engine noise but still let you hear critical sounds like horns and sirens. Plus, they’re made from premium, hypoallergenic silicone, ensuring a comfy fit no matter how long your ride is.

2. Big Ear Inc. Custom Motorcycle Earplugs

Want something a bit more custom? Big Ear Inc. has got you covered. These earplugs offer a noise reduction range of 27-32 dB and come in nine cool colors. They’re under $100 but keep in mind they take about 30 days to make and are available through local providers across North America.

3. SomeWear Global Hotspot

Ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere with zero cell service? The SomeWear Global Hotspot is your go-to gadget. This tiny, waterproof device attaches to your phone, giving you internet access, SOS messaging, and GPS coordinates even when you’re off the grid. It’s $350, plus a monthly service fee, but worth every penny for peace of mind.

4. Insta360 Camera

Capture every moment of your ride with the Insta360. Whether you’re hitting the track, taking a road trip, or starting a moto vlog, this camera’s got you. The latest Insta360 OneR boasts 60fps, GPS tracking, AI editing, and a 360º range. It’s compact, waterproof, and comes with a motorcycle bundle for all your recording needs.

5. Quad Lock 360º Phone Mount (with Vibration Dampener)

Your phone is your ride-or-die on the road, so keep it secure with the Quad Lock Handlebar Mount. This mount has a dual-stage locking system and a 360º rotation arm. Add a vibration dampener to protect your phone from those ICE motorcycle vibrations, and you’re all set for smooth navigation and video recording.

6. Klim A1 Airbag Vest

Safety first, right? The Klim A1 Airbag Vest is a game-changer. This vest fits under any jacket, costs $400, and inflates in just 60 milliseconds during a crash. It uses advanced gyroscopes and accelerometers to keep you safe, with a battery life of around 20 hours.

7. Sena Spider RT1

Some of us love riding with tunes, and the Sena Spider RT1 headset lets you stream music, hear GPS directions, and take calls. It also features Group Mesh Intercom for up to 24 riders and Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom for any number of participants within a 5-mile range. Perfect for long trips with your crew.

8. No Drag Backpack

OGIO’s No Drag Mach 5 Backpack is the ultimate riding companion. Its aerodynamic design ensures you stay streamlined while carrying your gear. With a 22/24L capacity and a protective shell, it’s perfect for those who need to haul a lot without compromising on performance.

Did We Miss Any?

These gadgets are top-tier in our book, but we know everyone has their favorites. Think we missed a must-have gadget? Drop your suggestions in the comments below or hit us up on social media. Let’s keep the ride smooth and tech-savvy!

Stay safe and ride on!


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